Sunday, February 28, 2010

An old friend

While after a long delay I have decided to return to my blog and share some new photo's of an old guitar. I recently was contacted by a guitarist who purchased one of my "Knutsen- Hawaiian lap steels" several years ago. This guitar was completed in 06' and was one of three built. Knutsen was the original patent holder of the Harp guitar as well as a predecessor of Weissenborn in the development of the Hawaiian lap steel. He was an independent spirit and insisted on doing things his own way. As a result he never did the same thing twice and created some of the most wildly imaginative instruments built in the 20th century. He also was a native of the pacific northwest and began his career in Port Townsend, Washington on the tip of the Olympic peninsula.
It was a thrill to discover that this guitar has found such an appreciative home and it reminded me of the secret life of musical instruments. The histories they contain and possible futures they may inhabit. Sometimes I can forget that I am making objects that can bring great joy to peoples lives, objects that will live much longer than I. This is a helpful reminder to me of all the music that is happening on guitars I have created over the years. Keep on picking everyone, share your music, play for your friends and family. Music is an old friend.